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Private and Duet Sessions

Privates are our most popular sessions. In a private session you can optimize your time, reach your fitness goals and feel increased vitality very quickly. Private sessions are available to all levels of clients, from rehabilitation to super athlete.

We carefully assess your strengths and limitations along with faulty movement patterns to create a workout that is results driven. Our private Pilates sessions are geared to build strength in major and supporting muscle groups, increase agility, flexibility and improve your endurance. 

Build a solid foundation for your Pilates practice and experience the benefits that are touted by physical therapists and doctors worldwide. You will gain more long-term benefits from a regular Pilates practice than any other type of exercise.


  • Improve your posture

  • Sculpt and tone your body and boost metabolism

  • Improve your mind | body connection 

  • Rehab from injury

  • Relieve stress and chronic tension


Private Pilates Sessions Pricing

  • Single Private Drop in Session $100

  • 5 Pack Private $450

  • 10 Pack Private $850

Duet/Semi Private Pilates Sessions Pricing

--- Please call or email the studio to schedule ----

  • Duet Private Drop in Session $70 Per Individual

  • 5 Pack Duet $325 Per Individual

  • 10 Pack Duet $600 Per Individual

**All sessions and classes are 50 minutes.

**All single, 5 pack and 10 packages for classes and private sessions expire within 6 months of purchase.

**As a courtesy to our teachers there is a 24 cancellation policy for all Privates, Duets and Classes.

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