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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?
Comfortable, form fitting exercise clothes are best. Dress comfortably so that your movement is free, but try not to wear clothing that is too loose fitting as you will be performing exercises that could cause a loose shirt to drift up the torso or loose shorts to fall open at the hip.  Shoes are not worn and socks are optional.

Who can participate in Pilates?
Pilates is appropriate for people of any age or fitness level. Pilates' unique approach to fitness allows any level, from a beginner to an athlete, to set their goals and work on their individual needs.

Do men participate in Pilates?
Of course! The Pilates method was designed by a man, Joseph Pilates. Everyone from professional athletes to regular guys notice significant benefits using the Pilates Method of Body conditioning.

How is Pilates different from yoga?
Joseph Pilates was inspired both by eastern and western forms of exercise and wellness principles while developing his method, so there are many similarities. Pilates is more dynamic, focusing on movement rather than the holding of postures as yoga dictates.

Why is Pilates so different from lifting weights for strength training?
Lifting weights for strength training, is to the large global prime mover muscle groups what Pilates is to the deeper intrinsic muscle groups. For correct body function we must have both groups working equally, in balance and succession. The structure of Pilates not only strengthens muscles, but also facilitates flexibility, joint mobility and improvement of the internal systems of the body.

Will I lose weight from doing Pilates?
Pilates is designed to help you reshape your body and mind. Using different types of apparatus as well as the weight of your own body, the system helps to tone your muscles and elongate areas such as the waistline and upper thighs and arms. Adding Pilates to a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular exercise can dramatically change your overall appearance.

How often do you recommend a Pilates workout?
"In 10 sessions you will feel a difference; in 20 sessions you will see a difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body."- Joseph Pilates

With any form of exercise, consistency is key. In the beginning, your body is learning a lot of new information and your mind/body connection is being established. The optimal recommendation is 2-3 times per week, however, once a week on a very regular basis can also be beneficial, providing you are doing some other exercise during the week.

Do you have any intro offers?

Yes!  We have a new client promotion which is 2 Private Sessions (which can be scheduled at your convenience) for $90.  You are not required to continue with privates after the intro offer.

Can I participate in Pilates if I have back problems or other injuries?
Joseph Pilates originally designed this system of movement as a rehabilitation tool. Pilates develops strength, stability, balance and symmetry to areas of the body that may have been misaligned due to an injury. If you have been recently injured, it is recommended that you first obtain a release from your physician to participate in the Pilates Exercise Program.


If you are managing a chronic illness, please be sure to note this on your client information form and share the details with your instructor so we can ensure your regimen is appropriate for you.

What results can I expect from doing Pilates?
You can expect an increase in flexibility, mobility, balance, improved posture and overall strength, as well as a decrease in back pain/other general body pains. Many participants report a reshaping of the body, elongation of the waistline and upper thigh regions.

What is the difference between using apparatus and just doing Matwork?
The apparatus allows for modification of exercise through the changing of springs and altering equipment setup. Due to the intricacies of the exercise, equipment sessions are often performed in small groups or in an individual setting where detailed corrections and adaptations to movement patterns are made. Programs may be prescribed to the individual’s needs and goals.

Matwork only requires a mat and at times small props, and is therefore more easily accessible. The focus is on movement of the body against gravity, and with increased complexity in choreography and continuity of exercise, this format can prove to be quite challenging when done correctly.

When working under a qualified instructor either format is graded and adapted to the participant’s ability.

Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant/postnatal?

Pilates is a great way to maintain fitness throughout pregnancy and to rehabilitate after labor. It is important to strengthen the pelvic floor, buttocks, legs, and arms but one must be careful with which abdominal muscles are being activated. It is vital to consult a physician as to when you may return to exercise after giving birth as the time will vary depending on the nature of the birth.

Since there are many modifications that need to be made to exercises during pregnancy and many exercise series that cannot be performed, our regular group Pilates classes are not suitable for pregnant and postnatal clients. We ask that you schedule a private Pilates session with an instructor so we may customize a workout for you that will keep you both safe.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Because of the nature of our studio, instructors are only here during class times or private sessions during which they are occupied with clients. We ask that you book in online ahead of time for one of our new client packages. If you are coming to a group class as a new client, please arrive 5 minutes prior to class start time to fill in your new client contact information and health history questionnaire.  Our studio is staffed throughout the day; should you wish to stop in to check us out or make an inquiry, it is best to call ahead to arrange a time as we may be with clients or in a class.

What is the expiration date on my package?

All group classes, private and duet sessions have a 6 month expiration date from date of purchase.  The New Client Promotional package expires within 30 days of the purchase date.

What is your cancellation policy?

As a courtesy to our teachers, we enforce a 24 cancellation policy.  Many of our group classes can be wailtlisted, this allows somone from the waitlist to be added within a reasonable timeframe.

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