Gisela Perez

My name is Gisela Pérez. I have been teaching Pilates since 2015.  I am a National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) certified teacher and completed a 620 teacher training program.  I have also completed several continuing education courses such as Pilates for Neurological Conditions, Cadaver Lab, Anatomy Trains as well as Pelvic Floor and Pre/Post Natal Pilates through the Center for Women's Fitness.  I have experience working with clients that have scoliosis, shoulder and knee injuries, pre and post surgery, pre and post natal as well marathoners and athletes.  I am passionate about the work that I do and love to see my clients succeed in their goals.  

My own journey began just over 15 years ago after the birth of my second child.  It took me a few years to fully appreciate what Pilates has to offer and now I am fortunate to be able to share this passion with others.  I live in the West Ridge neighborhood with my husband and 4 children.

Alexandra Trifonova

Alexandra was born in Bulgaria, where she was a gymnast for many years and that lead her body to multiple injuries and misalignments especially after the birth of her child. She experienced Pilates after a chiropractor suggested it is as a way for her body to get stronger and better aligned. After a few sessions she saw the incredible benefits of the exercises and quickly decided to enter the Comprehensive Instructor training program at Pilates Chicago. Soon after completing it, she was certified by National Pilates Certification Program(NPCP). Alexandra has completed continuing education workshops with pilates teachers Madeline Black, Cara Reeser and Carolyne Anthony. She is Pre and Post Natal and Diastasis Recti certified through Carolyne Anthony’s Center for Women’s Fitness.

Matthew Zumann
Master Pilates

Matthew has been teaching Pilates in Chicago since 1998. For over 20 years he has taught to a very wide population, including people who have limited mobility to working with  athletes.  Having this experience has made him an extremely astute teacher.  Matthew has taken numerous continuing education courses and completed Cara Reesers' Heritage Training Course for Master Teachers.  Matthew has extensive  experience working with Pre/Post Natal clientele, as well as individuals with Scoliosis, hip, knee and shoulder injuries.  Matthew also ran Teacher Training Programs for several years for Pilates Teachers in training as well as hosted Pilates retreats.  He has also had the honor to have had numerous feature articles in fitness magazines.  Matthew is very passionate about Pilates and his enthusiasm shows in the work he does. “I am extremely excited and honored to be here at High Bridge Pilates”

Julie Wang

Julie is of Korean descent and currently lives in Chicago, and was introduced to Pilates when she lived in China. Julie learned that Pilates could improve not only the health but also the quality of life for the less privileged who resided in terrible conditions. Julie’s interest has always been about people she can help through the Pilates Method. She realized that Pilates can be a great tool to help people feel better about their bodies and their lives all over the world.

When Julie relocated to Chicago, she entered the Comprehensive Pilates training program at Pilates Chicago and poured her energy into learning all aspects of the Pilates Method. Shortly after finishing her 600 hour training program, she completed her National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) Certification.

Julie is also certified in Pre and Post Natal Pilates through Carolyne Anthonys Center for Womens Fitness.

Julie loves to share the benefits of Pilates and then watch a client’s body learn and move better! 

Grace Kirkpatrick
Yoga Instructor

Grace is a certified yoga instructor and movement specialist with a passion for human kindness and connection. Grace strives to infuse every class with a unique blend of traditional yoga techniques paired with a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology. Having taught in private and studio settings for over five years, Grace draws from her extensive movement history and career in the physical therapy field to deliver a personalized yoga experience. She is known for holding a safe, fun, and judgement-free space for all of her students. Recently, Grace has decided to dig deeper into her study of biomechanics and is looking forward to attending Northwestern University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program this Fall


We at High Bridge Pilates are making all efforts to keep you safe, strong and well!