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Emmanuel Ramirez

Pilates Instructor

Emmanuel Ramírez. Born and raised in Mexico, he started his Pilates journey in 2008 when he became a professional dancer when one of his colleges offered him a class. He was amazed by how Pilates made him feel and has continued taking classes ever since, not only to strengthen his entire body but to improve his dance technique and to help prevent injuries. Having moved to Chicago in 2017 Emmanuel’s desire to help others learn the benefits of Pilates led him to complete a one-on-one certification with Steven Winterstein of Kinetic Axis Pilates. Additionally he holds a national certification through the Pilates Method Alliance. Emmanuel has been teaching Pilates privately and in group classes for the last 3 years and enjoys helping clients with their fitness goals. He is also able to address specific conditions such as lower back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, and Multiple Sclerosis, and has worked with senior clients. Emmanuel also has worked with dancers, creating exercises to help them to improve their posture and flexibility as injury prevention. He enjoys getting constantly learning about and exploring movement and recently completed a workshop on the biomechanics of Pilates Footwork in relation to the core and hip function.

Emmanuel is excited to join to High Bridge Pilates and looks forward to helping clients reach their wellness, fitness and body conditioning goals.

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