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The class reforms the body by providing resistance and assistance simultaneously, on a moving base, with straps that function as a pulley system. On the Reformer you are able to work opposition, strength, flexibility, and core stability all in one!  


Class appropriate for all fitness levels.

Pilates Mixed Equipment

This Pilates class utilizes various pieces of Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Tower and Wunda Chair to give you the best Pilates workout possible.  Flow through a series of conventional Pilates based exercises designed to enhance core strength, spinal alignment, flexibility, balance, and postural control. Class appropriate for all fitness levels.  

Equipment Class Pricing

  • Drop in Class $40 

  • 5 Class Pack $175

  • 10 Class Pack $320

 *ALL classes have a 6 month expiration date from date of purchase*

**If you are currently pregnant, please contact the studio directly so that we can assess and advise on the proper course for your Pilates practice. Please do not purchase a group class without reaching out to us first**

Pilates Reformer Class

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