The class reforms the body by providing resistance

and assistance simultaneously, on a moving base,

with straps that function as a pulley system.

On the Reformer you are able to work

opposition, strength, flexibility, and core stability all in one!  

Class appropriate for all fitness levels.

Book early

only 4 spots available!

Pilates Mixed Equipment

This Pilates class utilizes various pieces of Pilates equipment

such as the Reformer, Tower and Wunda Chair to give you

the best Pilates workout possible.  Flow through a series of

conventional Pilates based exercises designed to enhance

core strength, spinal alignment, flexibility, balance, and

postural control. Class appropriate for all fitness levels.  

Book early only 4 spots available!

Equipment Class Pricing


Drop in Class $40 

5 Class Pack $175

10 Class Pack $320

Pilates Mat Class

Joseph Pilates’ original method started with the Mat!

Our Pilates Mat classes will be kept small (5 people) so that each

individual may have personal attention and correct form,

to maximize their workout.

In Mat class we use your body to create resistance or

add additional tools to help deepen the workout.

Classes are leveled to ensure you find the appropriate

class for your body.

This class is for all levels.

Mat Class Pricing

Drop in Class $25

5 Class Pack $110

**All sessions and classes are 55 minutes.

**All 5 and 10 package private sessions and classes expire within 365 days of purchase.

**As a courtesy to our teachers there is a 24 cancellation policy for all Privates, Duets and Classes.

Pilates Reformer Class

We at High Bridge Pilates are making all efforts to keep you safe, strong and well!

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