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Matthew Zumann

Master Pilates Instructor

Matthew has been teaching Pilates in Chicago since 1998. For over 20 years he has taught to a very wide population, including people who have limited mobility to working with  athletes.  Having this experience has made him an extremely astute teacher.  Matthew has taken numerous continuing education courses and completed Cara Reesers' Heritage Training Course for Master Teachers.  Matthew has extensive  experience working with Pre/Post Natal clientele, as well as individuals with Scoliosis, hip, knee and shoulder injuries, and pre/post surgery Matthew also ran Teacher Training Programs for several years for Pilates Teachers in training as well as hosted Pilates retreats.  He has also had the honor to have had numerous feature articles in fitness magazines.  Matthew is very passionate about Pilates and his enthusiasm shows in the work he does. “I am extremely excited and honored to be here at High Bridge Pilates”

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